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PHP & MySQL / Laravel
Software Development

PHP & MySQL / Laravel

Module One :- PHP & MYSQL

Introduction to php

  • Client side VS Server side.
  • Installing PHP Environment tools.
  • PHP data types and variables.
  • Printing functions.
  • PHP Operators.
  • Conditional statements ( if else - inline condition).

Repetition statements 

  • For, While and do..while.
  • Switch case.
  • String handling (Strings and Patterns).
  •  Matching and Extracting.
  • Searching and Replacing.

PHP Arrays and foreach

  • Indexed and associative arrays.
  • Multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Foreach loop.
  • set, push and pop from array.
  • Sorting array.
  • Array checking exitence and search.

PHP Functions

  • Function types.
  • Use array with functions.
  • Built-in functions.
  • PHP Cookie handling.
  • PHP Session handling.

PHP Forms 

  • PHP Form handling.
  • File uploading.
  • Validating Form from XSS.
  • Validating Form with regular expression.
  • Use sessions and cookies with login and registeration forms.
  • Mailing Service.

 Workshop #1 

Mysql database

  • Intro to the history of database.
  • Difference between DBMS, DB and SQL.
  • DDL "Data Definition Language".
  • How to design Database and designing ERD "Entity Relationship Diagram".
  • How to create, alter and drop the tables using phpmyadmin.
  • DML "Data Manipulation Language".
  • Study insert, update and delete statements.
  • Study select statement.
  • Select types.
  • How to search in database.
  • Condition operators.
  • Sorting data.
  • Aggregation functions.
  • Joins.

How to connect PHP with MYSQL

  • Understand the lifecycle of connection.
  • Difference between MYSQL, MYSQLI and PDO.
  • Implement CRUD functions for tables.

 Workshop #2 

  • Creating database scheme.
  • Implementing CRUD functions for tables from scratch.
  • How to save file in database.

OOP [Object Oriented Concepts]

  • Understanding the theory of OOP.
  • Understanding Encapsulation.
  • Inheritance.
  • Polymorphism.
  • Abstraction.


  • how to make call and response with ajax.
  • how to use json with ajax.
  • Call php methods with ajax without loading page.
  • php autoloader.

MVC Design pattern

  • What is Design pattern.
  • What is MVC.
  • How to build MVC.

Workshop (3) 

  • Building full web application.
  • Linking between frontend and backend.


  • Why Cookies.
  • Types of Cookies.
  • How to Create and Access Cookies.


  • Session Variables.
  • Creating and Destroying a Session.
  • Retrieving and Setting the Session ID.
  • Encoding and Decoding Session Data.
  • Auto-Login.
  • Recently Viewed Document Index.

Web Services

  • Why Web Services.
  • RSS Syntax.
  • SOAP.
  • How to Access Web Services.


  • HTTP Authentication.
  • PHP Authentication.
  • Authentication Methodologies.

Workshop (4) 

 Final Project  

Module Two:- PHP Framework (Laravel)

Introduction to laravel  

  • What is composer and how to install it.
  • What is framework?!
  • Framework vs native.
  • What is laravel?
  • Laravel MVC.
  • Laravel Views.
  • introduction to laravel Routing.

 Laravel Controllers 

  • Laravel Routing and group routing.
  • Laravel Controllers.
  • Laravel sessions.

Users and Authentication

  • Creating and Authenticating Users.
  • Customizing User Authentication.
  • Managing the User Authentication State.
  • Protecting Routes with Middleware.

Workshop (5) 

RESTful Web Services with Laravel

  • Designing and Structuring a RESTful Service.
  • Restful routing.
  • Request Handling & Responses.
  • Protecting Routes with Middleware.
  • Use ajax with laravel.

 Workshop (6) 

  • Build application using laravel.

How to host a website

  • Domain VS Hosting.
  • How to book a domain?.
  • How to purchase a hosting?.
  • how to publish your web site.

Workshop (7) 

 Final Project  

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Duration: 100 Hours

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