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IT Sharks has many high quality courses available across 12 distinct categories. All our courses are self-paced and have been designed by subject matter experts, to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience.Depending on your learning goal, which help you focus your learning to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry.


Module 1:- Database Concepts.

  1. SQL Basics.
  3. Join.
  4. Procedures.
  5. Functions.
  7. Triggers.

Module 2:-Asp.Net.

  1. Introduction to web programming.
  2. Difference Between Asp And Asp.net And history of them.
  3. Create Your First web application using Visual Studio and C#.
  4. Asp.net Page Life Cycle.
  5. Examine common ASP.NET Controls and Difference between Html & server controls And Control Events (Action events & Change events).
  6. Create and add code-behind file to an ASP.NET web form.
  7. Difference Between Server Side & Client Side.
  8. State Management (server side& ClientSide).
  9. Custom Errors.
  10. Validation Controls.
  11. Master Pages(master page & nested master page).
  12. Themes.
  13. data access controls and data binding.
  14. Connecting to database using Ado.net.

Module 3 :- ADO.Net.

  1. ADO.NET Architecture.
  2. Connection Object.
  3. Command Object.
  4. DataReader Object.
  5. DataAdapter Object.
  6. Datatable object.
  7. DataSet Object.
  8. DataView Object.
  9. Use ADO.NET to access data in an application.

Module 4 :- Localization.

Module 5:- Security. 

Module 6:- MVC 

  1. Introduction to MVC 4.
  2. Adding a Controller.
  3. Adding a View.
  4. Adding a Model.
  5. Accessing your Model's data from a Controller.
  6. Examining the Edit Methods and Edit View.
  7. Adding new Fields.
  8. Adding Validations.
  9. Delete Methods.

Module 7:- LINQ

  1. Building to LINQ to Objects.
  2. Entity Frame Work.
  3. Lambada Expression.
  4. LINQ to SQL.

Module 8:- Project

  1. Group of 2-3 persons select an idea.
  2. The lecturer discusses the code with you.

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Duration: 60 Hours

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