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IT Sharks has many high quality courses available across 12 distinct categories. All our courses are self-paced and have been designed by subject matter experts, to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience.Depending on your learning goal, which help you focus your learning to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry.

Front End Diploma (Web Design + React JS)
Graphic Design

Front End Diploma (Web Design + React JS)

Module 1:- Web Design

Intro to web fundamentals

  • Intro for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • Understanding the web page structure.
  • How pages are executed and compiled?
  • What the component of web pages.


  • Study the Tags of HTML4.
  • How to make good design page using HTML4.


  • Study removed tags in HTML4.
  • Study new tags in HTML5.
  • Building full structured web page using HTML4 and HTML5.


  • Study the difference between CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] and HTML.
  • The structure of CSS code.
  • How to link between HTML and CSS.
  • Study the selectors and what are their priorities.
  • Study the formatting and values of each priorities.


  • Study removed properties in CSS2.
  • Study new properties in CSS3.

Responsive web design

  • What's responsive design?.
  • Principles of responsive design.
  • Media query.


  • Variables.
  • Loops.
  • Conditional statements.
  • Study the principles of programming.
  • Understand DOM.
  • How to design and animate page using JavaScript.
  • How to build a plugin from scratch.


  • What and why is JQuery?.
  • How to use the slogan of JQuery.
  • How to use JQuery.
  • What is the CDN?.
  • Study the main functions of JQuery library to animate your page.
  • How to build a plugin from scratch?.
  • How to use ready plugins, how to get it and how to customize it?.


  • What's AJAX?.
  • How to use AJAX in JQuery?.


  • What's framework?.
  • Why we should use frameworks?.
  • How to build first web page using bootstrap?.
  • Understanding the grid system.
  • Study the classes of bootstrap and how to use its documentation?.


  • Understand the basics of Photoshop.
  • How you can get a free PSD template.
  • Study the principles, you should follow to convert PSD image to HTML code.


  • Full day workshop.
  • Motivation to use search.
  • Working in team.
  • Downloading ready and free PSD.
  • Converting PSD to website.
  • Building responsive website using bootstrap framework.

Less and SASS

  • Understanding technologies of SASS and Less.
  •  Building CSS style using SASS.

Git and SVN

  • What's source version control technologies?.
  • The difference between SVN and Git?.
  • How to use git?.
  • How to create your first git repository using git?.
  • The difference between bitbucket and github?.


  • Building responsive multi pages website.
  • Using all learn technologies.

Module 2:- React JS

  • Introduction to javascript frameworks.
  • ES6.
  • Introduction to React.
  • JSX.
  • render elements.
  • Components & props.
  • State.
  • Components lifecycle.
  • Handling events.
  • Working with lists & conditional rendering.
  • Handle forms. 
  • Http Requests.
  • Routing and spa.


  • Building responsive multi pages website.
  • Using all learn technologies.

Short Description

Duration: 80 Hours

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