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IT Sharks has many high quality courses available across 12 distinct categories. All our courses are self-paced and have been designed by subject matter experts, to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience.Depending on your learning goal, which help you focus your learning to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry.

Python Diploma
Software Development

Python Diploma


- Developers mindset
- What and why Python
- Compiler vs interpreter
- Concept behind the virtual environment
- Python, pip, and Pycharm installation
- Basics of CMD commands
- Write your first code with python
- Organize your code with Comments
- Print and input

Variables in python

- What are Variables
- Data types
- Variables creation rules

Data Types in python

- String Variables
- Numerical Variables
- Sequence Variables
- Boolean Variables
- Mapping Variables


- Creating and dealing with quotations
- Strings Features
- String slicing and indexing
- String built-in functions and methods
- Injection of variables into strings

Numerical and Boolean

- Int, float, and complex
- Mathematics operation
- Comparison Operators
- Boolean Variables

Workshop 1


-Creating and managing lists
- Lists Features
- Lists built-in function
- List Concatenation and List Replication
- Adding, removing, and updating list Items
- Lists indexing and slicing
- Nested Lists
- Enumerate, zip, and sorted

Sets and Tuples

- Difference between list, set, and tuple
- Sets Features
- Sets built-in functions
- Sets Join
- Tuples Features
- Lists indexing and slicing
- Nested Lists
- Adding, removing, and updating tuple items


- Dictionaries creating
- Dictionaries Features
- Keys and values in dictionaries
- Updating, adding, removing in Dictionaries
- Dictionaries merge
- Dictionaries' build-in methods


- What is the function and why to use it
- Function Creating steps
- Local and global variables
- Functions arguments
- Function single and multiple returns
- Nested Functions

Control Flow

- What is control flow and how do applications work
- Elements of control flow
- If, elif and else statement
- For statement
- Try expect a statement
- or "and" and in control flow

Files and OS with python

- File handling in Python
- Read files
- Write in files
- System commands with python

Workshop 2

Object-oriented programming (OOP) & UML Daigram

- UML Notaions
- Case Study about class diagram & Use Case
- What is the difference between normal programming and oop
- OOP the main concept
- Encapsulation
- Abstraction
- Inheritance
- Polymorphism

Workshop 3


- Data Types
- Databases Types
- What is a Relational Database
- Database data types
- MYSQL installation
- MySQL Constraints (rules)
- Most Important SQL Commands

Python and MySQL connection

- Communication between python and databases
- Dealing with Databases SQL within python
- Relations between tuples and Databases output and inputs

Workshop 4

Django Framework

- What is a web app
- How the web app works
- What is a web framework
- What is MVT and how Django really works
- Django installation
- Project vs App in Django
- Django ORM
- Django Admin
- Configure databases with Django
- Adding apps and configuring its settings and URLs
- Rendering and dealing with HTML, CSS and javascript files in Django
- Build a full Featured application with the Django framework

Workshop 5

Django REST Framework

- Build an API with Django Rest Framework.
- Use Postman to explore the API.
- Add functionality with serializers
- View Sets
- Routers
- Authentication
- Permissions.

Final Project

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Duration: 100 Hours

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